Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013.1.2.Wed. God is Love


God is Love.

I have been make excused that I am too busy to make a time to read the words and pray. I've opened my january Q.T book (devotional book) and felt God's knock toward to me with 1John 4:1-10.
'Bible, I am love. I sent my one and only son Jesus Christ in the flesh for you to wash your sins away because I love you so much..'

Logos & Rhema... Pastor Sim from my church said, logos means every written words in the bible and Rhema means the words which enlightens me, and can be applied into my life. God is love.. John 4:1-10 came to me as Rhema..

my life has been unbalanced, so busy with work, so busy with activities, volunteer works.. my time to sleep, time to eat, work out was not balanced either. it affects to my devotional time also. However God still knocks my heart saying I love you. recover God's love inside of me.. this year, I am going to focus on my relationship with God. I have live my life as a Martha.. I am going to be a Mary this year..!

illustration : Astragalus sinicus garden for Korean language text book by Chunjae publisher.

Illustration by Bible Park. All rights reserved. © 2013.

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