Sunday, March 27, 2011

March madness, VCU made final four!

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The place I studied for 3 years and half and got honor to graduate last December. We have been famous as a medical and art school, but since today people will remember my school as the best basketball school. VCU got points 71 :61 over Kansas University which is the number one basketball team so far. People said it was surprising that VCU made in sweet 16, but we passed Elite 8, now we are in final 4! It's Crazy in Richmond with increasing heat of Ram riots. What a great day! I am proud of my school, VCU! It's not done yet, Let's go Rams to Championship!

Capture pictures from NASS,Yahoo,ESPN and my documental drawings today :)

people are waiting a line to get in the VCU Siegal Center to watch elite eight game of VCU vs. KU
1st Half 41:27 / 2nd Half 71:61. We won!! :)