Thursday, December 24, 2009

Society of Illustrator 52

I applied some of my works for the illustrators 52 competition held by Society of illustrators and my piece 'Kitchen 1'has been selected in uncommissioned category. I didn't expect at all, it is such a blessing, truly my honor. I really appreciate all of you who always support my work :)

The 'Kitchen 1' will hang in the Society of Illustrators' gallery in New york. The exhibition will be January 6th through 23th 2010, the opening reception will be January 8th Friday 6pm.

The below is the explanation of this piece which will be included in the book illustrators 52.

"Honesty is better than cleverness"
This is a page from my sketchbook. It is also the first drawing that I have been satisfied with after doing sketchbooking. Since drawing has soaked into my life, I carry my sketchbook everywhere I go and draw life as it is. When I did this piece, I woke up in the morning, walked straight to the kitchen, grabbed a pen and drew. I didn't try to make it look great by adding or deleting pen strokes. I just drew what I saw as it was. By dong so, it gave me so much freedom and joy. Most of all, the result of this piece is living. Yes, honesty is better than cleverness.

Thank you Lord, the little cross..*

2009 Fall semester

#Concept Drawing

How to tie a shoe in 6 Steps
-Traditional & Digital-

Arts in everywhere
-Ink & watercolor-

A Jelly without jellies
-Acrylic & collage-

A dramatic meeting of twins
-Watercolor & Collage-

There is no trust without communication
-Ink and Acrylic-

Scan bats calmly

Self portrait
-Black and withe charcoal / 3 feet-

Skyline of Richmond

-Water color-

#Honors studio

Cross road
-Water color-

Verry berry

A Kitchen


An old woman
-Ink & Acrylic-
A bathroom
-Ink and Acrylic-


House of Richmond

A sink at the corner
-Oil / 24x24-

A view of Richmond
-Oil / 28X20-

A view of rooftop
-Oil / 30X11.5-

#Commission works

Serenity pray
Client : Freedom house of Richmond

All for Christ
-Traditional & Digital-
Client : Holyfire ministry

I took three art classes this semester. I used different medium for each class; watercolor, oil and acrylic. It was my first time to handle water color seriously and first time to paint with oil. Besides I have started to accept commission works. I had been very busy but as much as being busy, I learn a lot. Not just how to paint, but also how to think before painting which is more important than actually painting.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art supply vest

I got an assignment to make an art supply vest for my Concept Drawing class. Since I am not a fashion major, It was unexpected assignment. I even wasn't sure how I could start, but Thank you Lord, I met my friend Amanda who graduated VCU fashion department this may. I got lots of helps from her not only to make a vest but also to go through this semester (It was perfect time to meet her). We spent over 60$ for materials, and full weekend for 3 weekss (day and night) in order to finish this vest. It was very different when it came to actual making after designing. I was unfamiliar with sawing, there were a lot of trials and errors. However I gain lots of things through this experience especially great fellowship :)

This vest can carry a laptop (15 inch, Macbook Pro), a tablet (4X3, Wacom), an iPod (Classic), a Phone, a headphones, pens, brushes, tissues and a sketchbook (4X3)

I appreciate this assignment, and thank you for your help again Amanda :)

*The model : My roommate Kristen. Thanks !

Some drawings of mine.

I had written down journal more than drawing on my sketchbook end of this semester.
However, some of my drawings I did when I had spare time. They are from three different sketchbooks, so have different feelings.

Enjoy :)


I usually like to draw architectures and environments.
It's easy to think that strict lines are needed for architecture drawings, and flexible lines are needed for figure drawings. But it is not quiet true for me. My flexible lines make my architectures creative, on the other hand my figure drawings need more rigid lines. Since I got used to draw flexible lines too much, my figures lose their form. I need more practice my figures with clear and rigid lines.