Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Fall semester

#Concept Drawing

How to tie a shoe in 6 Steps
-Traditional & Digital-

Arts in everywhere
-Ink & watercolor-

A Jelly without jellies
-Acrylic & collage-

A dramatic meeting of twins
-Watercolor & Collage-

There is no trust without communication
-Ink and Acrylic-

Scan bats calmly

Self portrait
-Black and withe charcoal / 3 feet-

Skyline of Richmond

-Water color-

#Honors studio

Cross road
-Water color-

Verry berry

A Kitchen


An old woman
-Ink & Acrylic-
A bathroom
-Ink and Acrylic-


House of Richmond

A sink at the corner
-Oil / 24x24-

A view of Richmond
-Oil / 28X20-

A view of rooftop
-Oil / 30X11.5-

#Commission works

Serenity pray
Client : Freedom house of Richmond

All for Christ
-Traditional & Digital-
Client : Holyfire ministry

I took three art classes this semester. I used different medium for each class; watercolor, oil and acrylic. It was my first time to handle water color seriously and first time to paint with oil. Besides I have started to accept commission works. I had been very busy but as much as being busy, I learn a lot. Not just how to paint, but also how to think before painting which is more important than actually painting.

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  1. Great works! I like your two Richmond scenes the best. Merry Christmas!