Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art supply vest

I got an assignment to make an art supply vest for my Concept Drawing class. Since I am not a fashion major, It was unexpected assignment. I even wasn't sure how I could start, but Thank you Lord, I met my friend Amanda who graduated VCU fashion department this may. I got lots of helps from her not only to make a vest but also to go through this semester (It was perfect time to meet her). We spent over 60$ for materials, and full weekend for 3 weekss (day and night) in order to finish this vest. It was very different when it came to actual making after designing. I was unfamiliar with sawing, there were a lot of trials and errors. However I gain lots of things through this experience especially great fellowship :)

This vest can carry a laptop (15 inch, Macbook Pro), a tablet (4X3, Wacom), an iPod (Classic), a Phone, a headphones, pens, brushes, tissues and a sketchbook (4X3)

I appreciate this assignment, and thank you for your help again Amanda :)

*The model : My roommate Kristen. Thanks !

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