Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pastel buildings

one full color,
several pastel colors.
I am learning how to color simply

pastel colors are restful to eyes ;p


  1. very niiiiiice! i need to start doing full scenes..i'm so - really like the shortpump and the rva house2 drawings. go go bible!

  2. Thanks man !
    don't be scared whatever you do.
    just don't think about it.
    just do it !! go go tim !

  3. and here you are !
    this is what I missing...
    awesome works, the full color scene looks great, you choose your palet nicely...
    all of them great !!
    see you soon !

  4. Hey Bible, I'm really diggin these simplified architectural drawings, there something very pleasing and elegant about the limited color and line. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm glad that you like my work. that drawing was started with a ground of acrylic and watercolor, followed by the black lines and then white gel pen for accents and negative space or sky. Maybe we can meet and go drawing around richmond sometime.

  5. Cool, cool drawings. Great atmosphere.

  6. muy buen color, y linea elegante y fresca

  7. Heeeey, good to meet you too. I graduated last December, when did you?
    I love your drawings!

  8. Suave t tranquilo.

    Muy bellos.

    Desde Argentina ,Liliana.

  9. Saw some of your works at Gallery 6 last night. Best pieces there by far. Wanted to thank you again for giving us a hand last week, really made us felt welcome. We will all have to go drawing soon.

  10. very good color, and elegant and fresh line

    saludos raúl