Friday, July 3, 2009

First friday gallery show & Buggaries !


* Pink

* Red

* Shiny blue


* Couple

Hello !
tonight, (July 3th. first friday!)
I have my first group gallery show at Art6 gallery on broad St!

there will be some of my drawings
and my handmade accessory 'Buggaries'!

I sell my drawings, and Buggaries.
Drawing : 30$ ~45$ each at gallery
Buggary :20$ each at gallery

but if you order here,
Drawing : 15$ ~30$ each
Buggary: 10$ each
(because gallery takes some money !)

you can choose any drawings on my blog.
you can choose any buggaries on my blog or order color or action you want.

if you have any questions, please leave comments or email me.

enjoy first friday, and check out my work :)

Thank you !


  1. you are so creative!!..and so extremely productive. Way to go...I like the hand holding the black cell phone (wink wink). :P

    The framed works really bring out the drawings! :)

  2. thaks bible! the buildings are super awsome , and the key chains too. can i get a print of the bike ferris wheel one? thanks

  3. I liked your works! Perfectly!!!

  4. that above tim is me - was on wrong account. oops =P

  5. How you doing this days ?
    Missing some of your sketches here !!!..
    ( no pressure, just a comment )

    how was the exhibition ? everything alright ?

  6. Thank you guys.
    yes Tin, I like the hand holding the black cell phone too !

    Shawn! when are you gonna move to new york? let me know your address when you move in. so I can send my work to you!

    the exhibition was great.
    it still goes on until next August.
    thank you for your asking !