Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drawing people draws people

My new drawings from my classes, trip, bible study and fellowship.
Since I loved to draw architecture, people were always secondary subject for me.(Also I messed up every time I draw people, so I avoided more.) but I realized this is why I need to draw people, I have been tried to draw people from life since last winter, and this time I focused on only people. I messed up most of times at first, ruined my sketchbook pages a lot. But more I ruin it, more I develop, now I love to draw people!

Hope you enjoy appreciating these drawings as much as I enjoyed drawing them :)


  1. i am in one of these!!
    and i love it!
    and i put it on my facebook! haha

  2. I like a lot your drawings.. they are full of life.

  3. Thank you! Yeay, full of life! that's correct! :)